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T-Shirt Blankets Double-Sided

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T-Shirt Blankets Double-Sided
Product Description

We’ll create a one-of-a-kind Double-Sided T-Shirt Blanket using the T-Shirts you will send to us.  Our Double-Sided T-shirt Blanket will have your T-Shirts on the front and back of the blanket.  This is a GREAT product option if you have a lot of T-Shirts.  We go the extra mile to make sure to deliver the highest quality T-Shirt Blanket.  If we ever have a question about your order, we won’t assume … we’ll just call you to confirm what you want.  We not only want to create a life long memory for you via one of our T-Shirt Blankets, we also want a life long customer who will order from us again and refer us to family & friends.

What you get for selecting Sew I Said as your T-Shirt Blanket creator:

  • T-Shirt Blanket That Will Take You Down Memory Lane Each Time You See It!
  • Our Laser Focused Care Of Your T-Shirts … These Are Your Memories.  We Treat Them Like Ours!
  • Multiple sizes available to tell your story.  Our King Size T-Shirt Blankets Are Something To See.  See Our Project Gallery To See For Yourself.  Select The Size That’s Just Right For You!
  • Our T-Shirt Blankets Are Durable, Machine Washable, And Meant For Everyday Use

How Many Tee Shirts Will You Need For Your Double-Sided Tee Shirt Blanket?

  • Lap Size will require 32 Total Tee Shirts
  • Twin Size will require 48 Total Tee Shirts
  • Full Size will require 60 Total Tee Shirts
  • Queen Size will require 98 Total Tee Shirts
  • King Size will require 128 Total Tee Shirts


What’s the difference between a T-Shirt Blanket and a T-Shirt Quilt?

We know other companies don’t make the distinction, but we do.  We have very strong beliefs about being transparent with our customers.  T-Shirt Blankets are NOT T-Shirt Quilts.  T-Shirt Blankets includes T-Shirts on one side and our Super Soft Fleece fabric on the back in a color of your choice; both sides are stitched together near the outer edge.  We do not stitch (or “quilt”) the two sides together between the outer edge of our T-Shirt Blankets.

On the other hand, our T-Shirt Quilts also have T-Shirts on one side and our Super Soft Fleece fabric backing; however, it also includes a middle layer called “batting”.  The three layers: T-Shirt front, batting middle, and our Super Soft Fleece backing are all stitched together in a meandering quilted pattern.

Both T-Shirt Blankets and T-Shirt Quilts are fantastic products, both are made with the highest amount of care and quality.  Selecting between either really comes down to a personal preference.  Some people prefer the traditional “quilt” and enjoy the heaviness of the product, and others like the “blanket” for its lightness.

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