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T-Shirt Quilts Double Border

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T-Shirt Quilts Double Border
Product Description

We’ll create a one-of-a-kind T-Shirt Quilt using the T-Shirts you will send to us.  Our T-shirt Quilt Backings are made with Super Soft Fleece fabric GREAT FOR CUDDLING and SNUGGLING, and we offer options in various popular colors.  We go the extra mile to make sure to deliver the highest quality T-Shirt Quilt.  If we ever have a question about your order, we won’t assume … we’ll just call you to confirm what you want.  We not only want to create a life long memory for you via one of our T-Shirt Quilts, we also want a life long customer who will order from us again and refer us to family & friends.

What you get for selecting Sew I Said as your T-Shirt Quilt creator:

  • T-Shirt Quilt That Will Take You Down Memory Lane Each Time You See It!
  • Our Laser Focused Care Of Your T-Shirts … These Are Your Memories.  We Treat Them Like Ours!
  • You’ll LOVE Our Super Soft Fleece backing
  • Multiple sizes available to tell your story.  Our King Size T-Shirt Quilts Are Something To See.  See Our Project Gallery To See For Yourself.  Select The Size That’s Just Right For You!
  • Our T-Shirt Quilts Are Durable, Machine Washable, And Meant For Everyday Use

How Many Tee Shirts Will You Need For Your Double Border Tee Shirt Quilt?

  • Lap Size will require 16 Total Tee Shirts
  • Twin Size will require 24 Total Tee Shirts
  • Full Size will require 30 Total Tee Shirts
  • Queen Size will require 49 Total Tee Shirts
  • King Size will require 64 Total Tee Shirts


What’s the difference between a T-Shirt Blanket and a T-Shirt Quilt?

We know other companies don’t make the distinction, but we do.  We have very strong beliefs about being transparent with our customers.  T-Shirt Blankets are NOT T-Shirt Quilts.  T-Shirt Blankets includes T-Shirts on one side and our Super Soft Fleece fabric on the back in a color of your choice; both sides are stitched together near the outer edge.  We do not stitch (or “quilt”) the two sides together between the outer edge of our T-Shirt Blankets.

On the other hand, our T-Shirt Quilts also have T-Shirts on one side and our Super Soft Fleece fabric backing; however, it also includes a middle layer called “batting”.  The three layers: T-Shirt front, batting middle, and our Super Soft Fleece backing are all stitched together in a meandering quilted pattern.

Both T-Shirt Blankets and T-Shirt Quilts are fantastic products, both are made with the highest amount of care and quality.  Selecting between either really comes down to a personal preference.  Some people prefer the traditional “quilt” and enjoy the heaviness of the product, and others like the “blanket” for its lightness.

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